Girls Missing Since Sleepover Reportedly Found Safe


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It was supposed to be a fun weekend sleepover at the Tourdot house. Sadly for the parents of two missing California teens, it has turned into a nightmare scenario.

"[The] last thing a parent wants is your kids to go missing,” said father Donald Bolt when he spoke to KABC-TV.

12-year-old Raylynn Bolt and her friend 14-year-old Diana Tourdot vanished from the latter's Riverside home on Saturday evening, around midnight. Since then, Riverside police and family and friends of the two teens have been diligently searching for them. Law enforcement officials even employed the use of bloodhounds, but no definite leads have turned up so far.

As of Monday afternoon, law enforcement officials are saying that they suspect the two girls ran away from home.

The reason for the shift from potential foul play to the idea of the teens simply taking off is that apparently they have been spotted multiple times in the area.

There's no known reason for the two friends to run off, but now the father of one of the girls suspects the pair are staying away out of fear of negative consequences for their behavior.

Donald Bolt wanted the young teens to not worry about the repercussions, to just "come home".

“You guys are OK. I mean, you know, if you guys maybe ran away or something or went to some guy’s house, everything’s fine. We’ve all done it."

Diana is described as being 5-foot-6-inches tall and weighing 120 lbs. She has dark brown shoulder-length hair and brown eyes. She also wears black-rimmed glasses. Raylynn is 5-foot-7-inches tall and weighs 120 pounds. Her hair is described as dirty blonde, and she has blue eyes.

Persons with information about the teen girls are asked to call 951-787-7911 as soon as possible. In addition, persons can reach Detective Rick Cobb at 951-353-7135 and Detective Jim Brandt at 951-353-7137.

NOTE: At least one person is saying that they believe or know for certain that the girls ran off.


The latest is that Raylynn and Diana have been located. KLTA has learned via relatives that the girls are safe and unhurt.

Image via KTLA's Twitter