Miss Venezuela Murdered During Highway Robbery


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Former Miss Venezuela Monica Spear was tragically murdered during what police officers are calling a botched robbery. Monica, her husband Thomas Henry Berry, and their 5 year old daughter were on a vacation in Venezuela. While driving, their vehicle hit an object in the road. The couple pulled over to check their car and called a tow truck driver.

As the tow truck arrived, several armed men approached the vehicle and began to fire shots at it. The tow truck driver was able to get away and call for help but Monica and her family were shot several times as the attackers fired several rounds at the vehicle. Monica and her husband were killed in the attack and their daughter was shot in the leg but survived.

Venezuela has been the location of many violent attacks and robberies and many people are not surprised at the attack. Street crime has gotten out of control in the area and it has one of the world's highest murder rates, with 79 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants in 2013, according to the non-profit Venezuelan Observatory of Violence.

President Nicolas Maduro has vowed to punish the murderers saying, "No one can stand by with arms crossed; murders, and violent crime, and the massacre of this young Venezuelan woman and her husband is a blow to all of us." "We all have to take responsibility; and I take mine."

Friends, family members, and fans of Monica mourned the loss of her and her husband and many gathered to protest the crime. Five people have been detained and were interrogated in connection with the killings.

Image via YouTube.