Minimalistic LEGO Posters Reference Film, Music, and More

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The modern LEGO brick, as in the type of brick that will attach to any brick you buy in stores nowadays, was first patented 55 years ago this week. In celebration of this 55-year anniversary, design agency Brad has created 55 different pop culture posters that reference films, books, songs, and more using LEGO bricks.

The awesome minimalistic posters are featured in a new Tumblr blog called 55 years of the brick.

Each image features only a few lines and LEGO bricks to recreate famous cultural items. Take for instance this poster, which references The Matrix:


Get it? Red pill, blue pill.

Here are some more of my favorites. I'll let you figure them out if you can. Some of them are pretty tough to solve.






[via PSFK]
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