Minecraft Pocket Edition Version 0.6.0 Should Be Out Soon


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It was reported last week that Mojang was working on a smaller update for Minecraft Pocket Edition that would add a few new features, but its main purpose would be to address a few bugs. Plans change, however, and Mojang has decided to merge update 0.5.1 and 0.6.0 into a single update that will be out soon.

Mojang's Jens Bergentsen announced this morning that the next update for Minecraft Pocket Edition - version 0.6.0 - has been submitted for review. That means players should see the update hit the iOS and Android version of the title in the next one to two weeks.

Here's all the new additions you can expect from version 0.6.0:

New features:

  • Signs
  • Armor
  • Baby animals
  • Fancy clouds
  • Improved D-pad
  • Stonecutter for crafting stone blocks
  • Sheep can be colored with dyes
  • New block types: Netherrack, Nether Brick, Block of Quartz with 2 variants (pillar and chiseled), mossy/cracked Smooth Stone Brick variants (creative only), chiseled/smooth Sandstone variants
  • New stairs: Nether Brick, Sandstone, Smooth Stone Brick, Quartz
  • New slabs: Sandstone
  • New item: Nether Brick (smelted from netherrack and crafted into nether brick tile)
  • Upside-down stairs, corner stairs
  • Slabs can be placed in up position (needs testing on small screens)
  • Sand and Gravel are affected by gravity
  • Tweaks:

  • Recipes for crafting slabs give 6 slabs instead of 3 (as in PC version)
  • Nether Reactor spawns Netherrack blocks instead of Obsidian
  • The fog and sky color have changed
  • The Nether Reactor now spawns more items
  • Cows drop Leather
  • Bug fixes:

  • Melons had several bugs where they would spawn too fast and where they shouldn’t
  • As you can see, quite a bit of work went into the latest version of Minecraft's mobile counterpart. There should be plenty of new content here to keep Minecraft Pocket Edition's 5 million players satisfied until the next update.

    Unfortunately, not everybody will be able to enjoy this latest update. Mojang announced that this latest version of Minecraft Pocket Edition is dropping support for Android 2.1 and 2.2. You're going to need Android 2.3 or higher now to play the latest version. Older versions of the game will still work on older versions of Android though.