Minecraft LEGO Set Will Be Officially Released, Thanks to Petition


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Minecraft and Lego's, they're like evolutionary cousins. Without Lego's, there's a good chance Minecraft would never have come to be. Therefore, it seems all but an inevitability that the two brands would come together to form an alliance, stretching our creative/building muscles even further.

We can all thank a service from Lego, called 'Lego CUUSOO', where people can share set concepts and rally to have them become a reality. The Lego Minecraft set garnered so much support, over 10,000 signatures, they officially announced the start of product development.

When you sit and ponder upon this concept, it leaves your mind swirling. For people that play Minecraft, will they buy enough Lego's to see their virtual creations become reality? As big as Minecraft worlds can get, it seems improbable. However, I bet we'll see a YouTube creation video soon after the set release.

Enjoy these concept photos, and get to thinking about how you'll split your time between Minecraft and Minecraft Lego's.

Minecraft Lego's

Minecraft Lego's 1

Minecraft Lego's 2