Mimi O'Donnnell: Sole Beneficiary To Philip Seymour Hoffman's $35 Million Estate

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Mimi O’Donnell is the sole beneficiary of the $35 million estate that renowned actor Philip Seymour Hoffman left in his passing.  The actor had been struggling with drug addiction and died from an overdose in February at age 46.

Hoffman wanted long-time partner and girlfriend, Marianne "Mimi" O'Donnell to inherit his whole fortune and use it however she deemed fit, believing that she will do what is best for their children. The two had been together for fourteen years and have three children together – a son, Cooper, 10, and two daughters, Tallulah, seven, and Willa, five.

The couple were never married but Hoffman’s accountant was quoted to have observed that he always treated her “…in the same manner as if she were a spouse.” This is further confirmed by the joint bank accounts they held that had substantial deposits.

Hoffman’s other reason for not leaving any money for his children was that he didn’t want his kids growing up as privileged and bratty “trust fund kids”. While living, he repeatedly declined his accountant’s suggestions to set aside funds for his kids, this according to the Manhattan Surrogate’s Court filing on July 18.

Hoffman’s only other request, according to his 2004 will, was that O’Donnell raise their son in one of three cities: Manhattan, Chicago, or San Francisco to allow the boy exposure to the “…culture, arts, and architecture that such cities offer.” If living in one of these cities is not an option, he asked that O’Donnell bring his child on trips there at least twice a year.  This request doesn’t mention the couple’s daughters as the will was drafted before they were born.

Mimi O’Donnell was a costume designer who met Hoffman in 1999 when they worked on a play together. They had been together since and were living in New York with their children, until she asked Hoffman to leave the apartment they shared in late 2013, reportedly due to his drug dependence.

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