Millionaire Raffle Drawing Numbers Picked


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Since the holiday season begun, every week there is a new lottery story emerging. Sometimes it's the tale of a win among the leaves. On other occasions, it's a winner who has no clue he won. With the holidays came dreams of a better tomorrow for many, and hope of a seemingly impossible dream for others.Well for some local Pennsylvania residents their million dollar dreams are about to come true.

After PA's annual lottery drawing, over $5,000,000 were given away in prizes to over 6,000 winners. Four of those 6,000 winners won $1 million dollars.These four millionaires watched their numbers being drawn during the Pennsylvania Lottery's 17th annual Millionaire Raffle televised event.

The selected numbers for those four one-million dollar prize raffles were: 00077226, 00332500, 00339016, and 00355789. The second biggest prize was for $100,000. Four winners were also chosen for that prize.Those lottery drawing numbers were 00009710, 00068057, 00352025, and 00393530. The other prize winners did not have their numbers selected live because of the restricted airing time.

To check if you're a prize winner, visit the Pennsylvania lottery official site, You can also visit an official lottery retailer. At official lottery retailers, scan your ticket so see if you won a prize.

For those four million dollar winners, they must claim their prize at the Pennsylvania Lottery headquarter. It's located in Middletown, Dauphin Country Million dollar prize winners also have the option to pick up their prize at one of the Lottery's seven official area offices. The office hours are from Monday through Friday at 8am to 4pm. Pennsylvania's lottery headquarter's hours are from 8:30am to 4:30pm.

For the $100,000 prize winners, they must claim their prize at either one of the seven offices, or at a Pennsylvania Lottery retailer. All other winners may claim their prizes at lottery retailers. All prizes expire one year from the lottery drawing date.

The Pennsylvania Lottery is the only lottery that all proceeding go towards funding programs that help elderly residents.

Image Via Pennsylvania lottery's Official site