Miley Cyrus Spanks Madonna, Twerks on MTV

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Miley Cyrus added spanking to her repertoire of offensive actions in an MTV Unplugged special on Wednesday. The Wrecking Ball singer spanked none other than Madonna--and claims she liked it, which the 55-year-old no doubt did. Miley also twerked a la the American Music Awards in the Unplugged special.

Instead of a giant panda this time, however, Miley twerked on a horse, but she wore more clothing than she's worn in the past six months. Miley claims her costumes are inspired by her country background and her godmother, Dolly Parton.

"I tried to bring Nashville here for the night," Cyrus told the audience.

Miley kept her Twitter followers abreast of the upcoming event, counting down the hours until her performance with Madonna. She was excited after the fact as well, sharing word of her on stage physical contact with the Material Girl.

Miley Cyrus covered Dolly Parton's hit song Jolene, in what was a brilliant decision. The song's style fit Miley perfectly and the tremor in her voice is even akin to that of Parton's in the 1973 hit. She and Madonna performed We Can't Stop and Don't Tell Me from Miley's recent hit album. She even frisked Madonna following the songs.

"That was pretty f--king cool, you guys," she told the audience following the feel. "It sounds super lame, but as a pop star it's pretty cool performing with Madonna. Today was one of those days that was pretty easy to get out of bed. I get to perform with Madonna in bedazzled cowboy boots. I can't really complain about anything. Well, I can't perform when I'm stoned. That's one thing to complain about, I guess."

Oh, Miley. Will her obsession with overt sexual escapades on stage ever end or will she wind up just like Madonna--still attempting to carry them out (rather unsuccessfully like at the Grammy Awards) when she's 55?

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