Miley Cyrus Says She Likes Weed and Elvis


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This article contains some graphic content

Miley's never been shy when it comes to speaking her mind and doing what she wants. The buzzed-blonde took to twitter announcing some of her favorite people and things from Elvis to marajuana.

"some days i wanna just lay in bed and google Elvis all day. but then i get realllllly depressed," the twerking-diva said on Twitter. Accompanying the tweet was a black and white photograph of the late-singer.

Apparently the tweet hit home with her followers, receiving a whopping 11,432 retweets. Over 24-thousand followers clicked "favorite" on the Elvis-inspired message.

Another tweet that caught some attention happened to be an e-card she posted that read, "Everyone is in a relationship, getting married or having babies. And I'm just over here like, 'I love weed.'"

In this video, Cyrus admits to smoking weed.

And while those tweets are a tad revealing, we aren't one bit surprised. Just a month ago the pop diva tweeted a racy (almost topless) picture in support of a the film titled, Free the Nipple which supports a woman's right to bare her breasts.

This picture was recently posted of Cyrus doing just that.

Image Via YouTube