Miley Cyrus Celebrates 21st Birthday


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Miley Cyrus may only be 21 but she has lived a full life already. The young star celebrated her birthday over the weekend at Beacher's Madhouse. Finally at the legal drinking age, Miley seemed excited to try several different types of alcohol, including champagne and several mixed drinks.

Her party took place after the American Music Awards and several singers and celebrities that attended the awards were also at Miley's party, along with some strippers. Now that Miley is 21 and drinking, who knows what she will do. The young star has already been criticized for her wild ways, but doesn't seem to let what other people think stop her from doing what she wants to do.

While Miley may be new to drinking, we already know she has smoked marijuana. She did so on stage at the MTV Europe Music Awards. It was another strange night for Miley when she not only twerked with a dwarf, but casually pulled a joint out of her designer bag and smoked it like a pro. Although Marijuana is not legal in the Netherlands, many of Miley's fans were not happy with her actions.

The fact is, Miley is no longer a little girl and now that she is 21, she will likely try even harder to shed her good girl image and grow into an adult entertainer. But even though Miley doesn't want the world to see her as a little girl anymore, doesn't mean her daddy Billy Ray sees her as anything but. He bought her a personalized 2014 Can Am Spyder three-wheeled motorcycle for her birthday gift.

Image from Instagram.