Miley and Madonna's 'Unplugged' Airs Tonight


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Madonna and Miley Cyrus joined forces for an unforgettable "Unplugged" performance that will air tonight on MTV. The songs that will be showcased include a funky little mash-up of "Don't Tell Me" and "We Can't Stop."

The special will feature twists to Cyrus' Bangerz album including a Dolly Parton cover.

The hour-long show was produced with the music in mind. Cyrus chose the songs all while designing the set-complete with a horse for her to twerk on. But the most important thing for the country girl at heart was to showcase the music in the most raw form.

Cyrus' manager Larry Rudolph expanded on her vision saying it was important "break down these songs to their bare essentials so you can hear her singing them without a lot of production."

The show was shot Tuesday evening and will air tonight making this specific show the very first "Unplugged" with that fast of a turnaround.

Remember, the show that will air on MTV tonight (Jan. 29) at 9 p.m.

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