Mila Kunis Stays Active As Big Day Approaches

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Mila Kunis isn't one of those pregnant ladies that rest on the couch and take it easy during that generally uncomfortable third trimester.

She has made a habit of getting out of the house just about every day with fiance Ashton Kutcher or other friends.

Kunis made one of those trips on Wednesday. The day out included a car wash and a trip to Target with a friend to buy stuff.

"Mila [Kunis] seemed to be relaxed and in a good mood," a source tells E! News. "She and a friend browsed the shoe section and bought some children's clothing."

Later that night, Kutcher tweeted this hilarious picture from the set of Two and a Half Men.

The nation, meanwhile, waits for the impending (really, any day now) arrival of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis' baby. It's rumored to be a daughter, but there are no solid leads on a name yet.

"They have put the finishing touches on the nursery. It's all ready for the baby to arrive," a source revealed two weeks ago. "They are just waiting."

Aren't we all?

Ashton is getting especially prepared to help Mila Kunis when the time comes.

"Ashton has made a couple dry-runs to the hospital to see exactly how long it will take them to get there," a source says. "He's preparing for all scenarios and not leaving anything to chance. He wants everything to go smoothly!"

"Mila's in the homestretch and they are both very excited," the source revealed. "It could happen any day now."

Yes, it could! If you have been following the pictures of Mila Kunis' pregnancy progresssion, you know she is ready to pop!

Good luck to Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher as the big day arrives soon!

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