Microsoft's Surface Is Defined By Synchronized Dance Routines

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Much of Microsoft's tablet is still a mystery. We still don't have a price even though the tablet is set to debut in just a few weeks on October 26. At least Microsoft was nice enough to reveal the first TV ad for its new tablet.

Much like the first Windows 8 ad, the Surface ad seems to have nothing to do with the tablet on a basic level. Unlike the first Windows 8 ad, however, the product is prominently displayed throughout the entire ad. It's better if I don't spoil it for you, just watch:

As you can clearly see, the Surface is being billed as a musical instrument. It might even cause large groups of people to spontaneously break out in dance. That's pretty impressive, but what about the hardware and software that will make or break the device? Microsoft doesn't seem to really care about that. They're too busy being modern and cool by having pretty young people dance with their products.

Despite my poor attempts at humor, the Surface is still looking great. The hardware looks nice and the snap-on keyboard is still a delight. The only thing missing is a price. Once we have that, this ad might be more appealing. As it stands, it's just a bunch of actors trying to sell a mystery.

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