Microsoft: Xbox One's Disc Drive Prevents It From Being Stood Vertically


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Both the Xbox 360 and PS3 could be stood horizontally or vertically. In fact, Microsoft and Sony would both regularly display their respective consoles standing vertically. That won't be a possibility with the Xbox One.

At Tokyo Game Show, Microsoft's Albert Panello told GameSpot that players shouldn't stand their Xbox One vertically. It's not like a vertical Xbox One is impossible as the design would allow for such an orientation. Instead, Panello says that the Xbox One's slot loading drive was built only for horizontal orientations and that players should go vertical only "at [their] own risk."

Why would Microsoft remove the ability to stand the Xbox One vertically? After all, the Xbox 360 let users stand it vertically. Panello says that the majority of Xbox 360 gamers (80 percent) stood their consoles horizontally. Sure, Microsoft may be ignoring 20 percent of its fans who prefer to stand their consoles vertically, but it shouldn't be a big deal to most players who prefer to go horizontal.

So, where does this leave the PS4? For both the PS2 and PS3, Sony made a console that could be stood vertically. That's not going to change with the PS4 despite it also sporting a slot loading drive. In fact, Sony has already shown the PS4 standing vertically in some of its promo videos and photographs.

Xbox One Wasn't Built To Go Vertical

Is it a big deal that the Xbox One can't be stood vertically? That really depends on what kind of space your entertainment center has. Some people prefer to go vertical as it affords them more space, but most Xbox One owners will probably not have any problems.

[Image: Xbox/YouTube]