Microsoft Releases Windows Azure SDK 2.0 For .NET


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In its latest earnings report, Microsoft said Windows Azure and related products hit $1 billion in sales. It shows that Microsoft's cloud platform is starting to really take off. In its efforts to get more developers to use Azure, Microsoft has released some new tools for its Azure SDK.

Microsoft announced in early May that version 2.0 of its Windows Azure SDK for .NET was finally available to all. The SDK brings with it a number of new features that are sure to delight those who host .NET Web sites on the Azure platform.

  • Web Sites: Visual Studio Tooling updates for Publishing, Management, and for Diagnostics
  • Cloud Services: Support for new high memory VM sizes, Faster Cloud Service publishing & Visual Studio Tooling for configuring and viewing diagnostics data
  • Storage: Storage Client 2.0 is now included in new projects & Visual Studio Server Explorer now supports working with Storage Tables
  • Service Bus: Updated client library with message pump programming model support, support for browsing messages, and auto-deleting idle messaging entities
  • PowerShell Automation: Updated support for PowerShell 3.0, and lots of new PowerShell commands for automating Web Sites, Cloud Services, VMs and more.
  • You should check out the full blog post for more details as Microsoft's Scott Guthrie explains all of the new features in full detail.

    As for availability, you can grab the Windows Azure SDK 2.0 for .NET over at the Windows Azure .NET Developer Center. It's also open source so you can poke and prod your way through the code over at GitHub.