Microsoft Kicks Off The Holidays With Scroogled Merchandise


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The holidays are right around the corner and you're desperately trying to find that last minute gift for your significant other. If they happen to absolutely hate Google, Microsoft may have just the thing for them.

Just in time for the holidays, Microsoft has added a Scroogled product page to its online store. At this storefront, you can purchase a number of Scroogled goods including a Scroogled mug, a Scroogled hat and a variety of Scroogled shirts.

If you need a refresher, the Scroogled campaign was started nearly one year ago by Microsoft to highlight what it felt was deceptive marketing practices by Google in how it listed shopping results. Since then, the campaign has been expanded to draw attention to Google using algorithms to read Gmail messages and educational search results.

Of course, the irony of it all is that Microsoft is no less innocent than Google in search results or privacy. Case in point - Microsoft was the first company to cooperate with the NSA in its PRISM program. The company has been trying to distance itself from the agency in recent months, but it's still worth noting that Microsoft isn't innocent in these matters.

If you still like the Scroogled campaign after all of that, you can pick up your choice of mug, hat, shirt or hoodie. If you have trouble choosing, the most charming of all is most definitely the spider with the Chrome logo on its abdomen. The shirt even has a lovely description:

Google is the spider. Google services are the spider web. You’re the fly. You know what happens next.

Microsoft Kicks Off The Holidays With Scroogled Merchandise

Just imagine the look of surprise on your Google-hating aunt's face when she unwraps that stunning shirt on Christmas morning. With any luck, she'll repay you with the official Scroogled coffee mug or the official Scroogled flame thrower.

[Image: Microsoft Store] [h/t: Paul Thurrott/Twitter]