Microsoft Cuts Surface RT's Price To $349


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Many, including yours truly, thought that Microsoft's Surface RT tablet was a bit too expensive at $500. That price may have even been the reason why it's not doing so well. Microsoft is hoping to rectify that with a worldwide price cut.

Microsoft revealed today that it has cut the Surface RT's price by $150. You can now snag a 32GB Surface RT for $349. If you desire a bit more storage, the 64GB Surface RT now retails for $449. The ridiculously overpriced type cover still goes for $129.99.

The U.S. isn't the only territory getting a price cut as Microsoft is also dropping the price of its Surface RT tablets in the UK and Australia as well. Our friends in the UK can get the 32GB Surface RT for £279 while those in Australia can get one for AU$389.

Unfortunately, the Surface Pro will not be seeing a similar price cut. The $899 tablet is in dire need of a lower price as well if it's to compete with the lower priced iPad and Android tablets that are continually taking more and more marketshare away from Windows. Microsoft may argue that the value of its tablets lie in Windows 8, but consumers just aren't seeing it.

That may, of course, all change when Windows 8.1 and rumored new Surface tablets launch later this year. Microsoft has just restructured itself into a company wholly focused on Windows, and Surface will play a large role in that. If Microsoft can get its message straight by promoting synergy between its products, it could make Windows 8 the winner Microsoft so desperately needs it to be.

[h/t: Engadget]