Microsoft Creates Facebook Page To Address Issues In Washington State

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Microsoft is based in Redmond, Washington, and they have always been a company that's concerned about with the state in which they are based. They say that since Washington state houses more than 40,000 employees, they have a "huge stake" in the policy that will shape the future of the community.

With that goal in mind, Microsoft has launched a Facebook page called "Microsoft in Washington State." The purpose of the page is to "provide updates and information about Microsoft's engagement with public policy issues in Washington State."

The page is broken down into four subsections, outlining the four areas that Microsoft is focusing on in the state. This includes Transportation, K-12 Education, Higher Education, and a program called Benchmarks for a Better Washington.

Our top four priority areas are:

Improving public education so that families can send their kids to great public schools, colleges and universities and the higher education sector can continue to be an engine of local economic growth.

Improving transportation infrastructure so all Washingtonians have a safe, reliable, efficient, and sustainable way of getting from place to place.

Promoting a healthy business climate including a sustainable state budget, so that Microsoft and other Washington employers remain competitive in the global information economy.

Advancing the quality of life so current and future citizens will live in healthy and vibrant communities enriched by arts, culture, natural outdoor resources, a human services safety net, and lifelong learning.

Simply Like the page to participate in discussions surrounding these core issues.

Microsoft is not shy about getting involved in governmental issues. Earlier this month, they came out strongly in support of marriage equality in Washington State.

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