Microsoft adCenter Now Let's You Rotate Only Ads With the Most Clicks


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In order to help marketers to amass more clicks from targeted ads, Microsoft adCenter has announced a new feature today called Ad Rotation. The new tool will allow advertisers to select from two ad-serving options so you can either rotate only the ads that are getting the most clicks or distribute all of your ads evenly with no regard to how many or how few clicks the ads are getting.

The new tool, which adCenter users will be able to find in the Advanced Settings of your account, will give advertisers a chance to test out ads to see which ones click (hah) with searchers and which ones fizzle out. Once you've established what ads are doing well, you'll be able to optimize the ad rotation so as to only serve the ads that people are clicking the most.

Microsoft adCenter Ad Rotation

According to the blog post that announced the new function, "Your ads will continue to serve based upon the settings you choose without any time restrictions because we acknowledge that different keyword/ad copy combinations need different amounts of time to establish a performance history."

Optimizing the use of your ads might not be a bad move for adCenter users since, as of March, you've got about 10,000 less cities to target with your campaign. With a narrower window, hopefully the Ad Rotation tool will help you make the most of your precious ads.

The new feature will be rolling out over the course of the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled.

[Via adCenter Blog.]