Mick Jagger Futbol Jinx and the Mars Bar Legend

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Now that the World Cup furor is all over but the hangovers, the story of how Mick Jagger ruined it for everybody is in the books until the next go-round. But just in case you have been under the proverbial rock …

Mick Jagger has become a bit of a pariah for World Cup teams. It seems that whoever he supports ends up losing. U.S.A., England, Brazil -- they have all fallen by the wayside with Mick Jagger sporting their colors. It finally got to the point where the Brazilians nicknamed him “Pé Frio” or “cold foot” and asked him to not do them any favors and stay away from their matches.

Alas, Jagger did not pay heed, and Brazil went down in flames.

When you live as long as Mick Jagger -- the man is 70 years old now -- and are a member of the World's Greatest Rock and Roll Band, rumors like this are bound to come up. Keith Richards has some doozies, but his partner in crime has a few that he has not been able to outrun.

Caught In the Sack With David Bowie

David Bowie's ex-wife, Angela, let this one out of the bag. She says she came home one day to find Bowie and Jagger in the bed together, naked. From there, the details get sketchy. Both Jagger and Bowie denied any gay affair between them.

Bowie’s lawyer issued a public statement that, “The implication that there was ever a gay affair between David Bowie and Mick Jagger is an absolute fabrication.”

Angela herself started to back-pedal the story a bit. In the end, she said that, while it was true that they were both in the same bed, and both naked, they were also passed out. Whether the two were partying, perhaps with other women who were already gone, and passed out on the bed, or if they were in post-coital slumber, is anybody's guess. The rumor is far from iron-clad.

But it's not nearly the worst Jagger has had to deny.

Marianne Faithfull and the Mars Bar Incident

The police showed up to raid Keith Richards' house one day, looking for drugs. When they got there, they found Jagger and then-girlfriend Marianne Faithfull there. Faithfull was wrapped only in a bed sheet -- other versions of the story say a fur rug -- and she was "occupied." The story goes that Jagger was eating a Mars Bar. The story goes that Faithfull was holding the Mars Bar -- in her vagina.

Marianne Faithfull denies that it happened. So do Keith and Mick, though Keith does concede that there likely were candy bars on the scene, since they consumed them when taking LSD.

May we all live so long and reach such heights as to have rumors like this in our wake.

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