Michelle Rodriguez, Zac Efron Enjoying Some Summer Lovin' in Italy

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Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron seem to be getting their summer lovin' thing going on.

The 35-year-old Fast & Furious star has been engaged in some blatant PDA in Sardinia, Italy, with the 26-year-old Neighbors actor.

The lip-locking duo arrived in Sardinia July 4 and have been caught numerous times getting it on.

Seems this isn't the first time the two have hooked up. E! News reports that their first tryst occurred back in 2012.

"Michelle is super-cool and laid-back and Zac has always been attracted to her because of that," a source told E!. "She's one of those people that everyone likes, she just gets on with all kinds of people and doesn't take the fame thing too seriously. Zac likes the fact that she is laid-back and he can relate to her. He is attracted to her great attitude. They understand one another."

This may just be a rebound affair — Rodriguez reportedly broke up with female model Cara Delevingne and Efron was rumored to be dating his Neighbors co-star Halston Sage.

Could this be a rebound thing, two kids just having some fun or a serous romance? Guess time will tell.

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