Michelle Pfeiffer Tells Robert De Niro Secret


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Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert De Niro are co-starring in their new film, "The Family". This is the first movie that the two have ever starred in together, but it is not the first time that they have worked together.

Pfeiffer admitted a secret to De Niro, telling him that she auditioned for his 1980 classic, "Raging Bull", and was so excited to get to meet him.

"That was when I very first met you," Pfeiffer told De Niro. "Did I ever tell you that? It was my very first interview ever ... never thinking I would get the part, which of course I didn't. I had always dreamed of working with him, and so I was just very excited."

After learning the new information from Pfeiffer, De Niro was somewhat speechless, only saying: "Really? Oh, wow."

"The Family" is about an ex-mobster (De Niro) and his wife (Pfeiffer) who are living in the witness protection program. De Niro discusses why the mobster movies are so popular.

"It's like the Westerns. It's part of American folklore," he said. "Gangster movies, they go outside the limits the normal limits parameters of everyday living society so that makes them more interesting to watch and if you see it done in a real way it's very interesting. It can also be done in more of a fantasy way, another way of doing it."

"The Family" opened in theaters on Friday, August 13.

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