Michelle Knight Speaks Out About Castro's Abuses


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For those who may have forgotten or who need a quick refresher on the terrible things that have happened this year, despicable, disgusting human being Ariel Castro held three women captive in his house, where he did unspeakable, horrible things to them for ten years. They were finally freed after one of the women, Amanda Barry, made a daring escape and was rescued by a charming fellow named Charles Ramsey, who briefly captured the internet's attention with his off beat charm and mannerisms. Castro was arrested and charged, but died (either due to suicide or auto erotic asphyxiation) before he could face his sentence.

Michelle Knight, the first of Castro's kidnapped victims, had previously gained attention via her request that her family not visit her during her hospital stay, shortly after being rescued. This request stemmed from her family not looking for her after her disappearance. Michelle later spoke out in court and boldly told Castro that his hell was "just beginning." Now, Knight is making her voice heard by speaking out about the details of what happened to her and the other women during their ten year stay in the hell hole that was Castro's home.

Michelle will be sitting down for an in-depth interview with Dr. Phil, and her story will be broken up into two parts. The first part aired on Tuesday, and the second part has aired today. Both parts can be found below, but they come with a content warning; Michelle's experience, and her way of describing it, is obviously very disturbing, and caution should be taken when approaching it.

Among the horrible things Michelle described, some of the more disturbing are how she was tied up and hung on the wall, "like a fish." She would be left like this for days, and she stills suffers from nerve damage as a result of the torture. She was also forced to help prepare one of the other torture rooms for one of the other victims. Michelle went on to describe other abuses, including rape, multiple beatings, and other horrors she suffered at the hands of Castro.

Despite her horrifying story, Michelle seems to maintain a sense of positivity and hope as she speaks out about the abuse she faced for so long. Dr. Phil hits it spot on when he describes Michelle as "very bright, well-spoken and eager, after all of these horrific years, to have her own voice." This writer wishes her the best of luck as she continues her journey towards healing, and commends her on her bravery in speaking out about the terrible things that happened to her during her stint in Castro's hell.

[Image courtesy of this video from Dr. Phil's youtube channel.]