Michelle Jenneke Might Be Sexy, But She's a Damn Fine Athlete, Too

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Michelle Jenneke dancing at the Junior World Championships in Barcelona could be looked upon in a number of different ways. The first, and probably most popular, opinion being spread around is that the video objectifies women. Seeing as how the majority of folks live with their minds permanently stuck to the proverbial gutter, that argument makes sense. Plus, it's kind of hard to argue the point when people have taken said video and slowed it down, allowing her jiggling and gyrating to last a bit longer than it should. I totally get it.

However, what a lot of people are missing is this: 19 year-old Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke is a pretty spiffy athlete, as well. If she had lost this event in a miserable fashion, face flat on the ground with her rump stuck straight up in the air, I'd say that people are just perverts and dismiss the clip entirely. However, Jenneke kicks some serious butt, and smiles the entire time she's doing it. So what if she's in good shape? So what if she dances around as a way to loosen up before an event? It obviously helps her dominate her opponents. Get over it.

So take a peek at the clip embedded below. You know you want to, regardless of whether or not you're willing to admit it. However, while you're watching a 19 year-old bounce around before a competition, know that she's much better at hurdling than you will ever be.

That, to me, is sexier than anything else.