Michelle Duggar Talks New Family Changes

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Michelle Duggar is incredibly proud of her huge family. She has more than a few great reasons to be.

Much of the nation loves watching the Duggars, and especially Michelle Duggar, just to see how they do it! With 19 kids and a mounting number of grandkids, the lady seems to have it all figured out.

She is enjoying watching her family change and grow. Jill and Derick Dillard are expecting their first child and Jessa Duggar is engaged to be married to Ben Seewald on November 1st.

She said in her blog, "You get the joy of watching a loving relationship unfold. Jill and Derick, and Jessa and Ben, are becoming best friends and really getting to know each other in such a sweet way."

She said of marriage, "When the right one comes along, it’s so exciting, shocking and surprising all at the same time!"

New chapters are opening in the lives of the Duggar family lately, and though Michelle seems to have it all together, she admits that not everyone is as calm and collected as she is.


"Jim Bob is so excited, too, for Derick and Jill, and for Ben and Jessa. When he talks about the girls getting married, he gets a little teary-eyed; it’s a big deal for a dad to let go of his girls. He’s handing them over, but he’s handing them over to some really great guys."

Even the other kids aren't immune to some sadness and anxiety over the new changes.

Michelle Duggar said of one of the younger kids,

"The other day the Seewald family was visiting, and Ben and Jessa were getting ready to leave with them. As Jessa and Ben were getting in the Seewald car my little Jordyn, who is five, realized what was happening and she just started to cry and cry."

Duggar continued, "She was worried that Jessa was leaving for good. I had to comfort her and reassure her that Jessa wasn’t married yet, just going for a visit."

Good luck to Michelle Duggar and the rest of the family in all of the big changes coming their way!

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