Michael Strahan Targeted By "Mean Tweet"

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Michael Strahan, half of the Live! with Kelly & Michael duo, has become the target of one of Jimmy Kimmel's Mean Tweets segments.

Of course, in true Mean Tweet tradition, the insult was hilarious. And super mean.

The mean tweets segment is so much fun to watch, and this one was no exception. This particular segment was an NFL edition and featured famous faces like Erin Andrews, Terrell Owens, and Steve Smith.

The most hilarious mean tweet was Michael Strahan's.

It read, "Michael Strahan's teeth are having a middle school dance, where the boys stand on one side of the room and the girls stand on the other."

Poor Michael Strahan! Come on, the guy is still recovering from splitting with his girlfriend. Not cool.

Most of the victims were teased for their playing abilities, or lack thereof. However some, along with Michael Strahan, were simply picked on for the way they look.

Take Keyshawn Johnson, for instance. His mean tweet read,

"Keyshawn Johnson must've ate the guys who used to cover him. Fat bastard."

Washington Redskins star DeSean Jackson was teased for his style choices.

"DeSean Jackson seems like no matter how much money he makes he won't stop shopping at Express."

Harsh. Watching the Mean Tweets segments, like this one that featured Michael Strahan and friends, always makes me wonder how these tweeters would talk to those whom they effortlessly chastise over the internet. How would they really act should they run into them in real life?

I assume it would look something like this...

Most likely. Perhaps Live! with Kelly & Michael should do a segment where the mean tweeters insult Michael Strahan's cardboard cutout. Then he and his smile could slide out from behind it!

Don't you think that would make a great segment?

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