Michael Jackson's Daughter Is Home For The New Year


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Michael Jackson's only daughter, Paris Jackson, was able to make it home to spend time with her family for New Years after her reported suicide attempt back in June. The teen was reunited with her birth mother and her grandmother during her break from school for the holidays, and although she wasn't able to make it home to California for Christmas, she was able to join her family in time to ring in the new year. She took to Instagram with a picture (shown above) of herself and her birth mother , Debbie Rowe, very simply captioned, "momma : )"

Paris was vacationing in Hawaii during Christmas and Christmas eve with her mother, brothers, and grandmother, Katherine Jackson, who is the guardian of Paris and her two brothers. Paris attempted suicide back in June by downing painkillers and slitting her wrists. She was sent shortly after to the Diamond Ranch Academy in Utah, an elite and secluded treatment center for youth aged 12 to 18, specializing in grief and depression issues. On the topic of her granddaughter, Katherine said, "She is in a good place, getting the help she needs. She is doing much better. The treatment is going good, really good. She's my baby. It's hard for me, really hard. All I want these kids to be is happy."

Paris is now home in California at her grandmother's house, where she rung in the new year. She will be staying with her grandmother for a few days as she finishes out her winter break, and will be returning to Utah afterwords. Undisclosed sources say to E! News that Paris is doing well, and that her recovery is also taking an upturn. Hopefully, Paris will be able to return to her family in full health soon; in the meantime, it's great to hear that she gets to spend time with her loved ones as she heals, even if only for a little while.

Image courtesy of Paris Jackson's Instagram.