Michael J. Fox Returns To Television With New Show


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Michael J. Fox has returned to television and will be the star of his own show, The Michael J. Fox Show. Michael J. Fox is a film and television actor mostly known for his work on the show Family Ties, as well as the Back To The Future trilogy, which was very popular in the 1980's. Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 1991 and revealed the news to the public in 1999, retiring from acting shortly after. He was starring on the hit show Spin City at the time.

The disease was simply too hard on his career and he was unable to operate in a role that required him to do anything without having his symptoms, such as involuntary movements, start to kick in. He is finally able to conquer that obstacle starting this fall with his new sitcom. The show will feature him as a family man and aging dad that also has Parkinson's. When it was first reported that Fox was planning to return to television, it was big news in the television world with the networks going crazy wanting to pick it up, and eventually NBC ordered the proejct directly to series without a pilot, which is very rare in recent times, mentions TV Guide.

The show, since it has Fox is the titular character, will be loosely based on his own life as a husband, father, public figure, and as someone with Parkinson's. He will also play a beloved New York City newsman. The Los Angeles Times states that after retiring five years earlier, after a Parkinson's-related, rolling-chair incident, he has been hanging around the house, spending more time with his family than his family would like. As a result, he decides to return to work and that is where the show picks up.

His co-star Wendell Pierce is very excited for the new show and shared his thoughts on twitter.

Michael J. Fox has been slowly making his way back into the spotlight of television after having a recurring role on The Good Wife and a small part on Rescue Me. The Michael J. Fox show will premieres tonight on NBC at 9 p.m. Everyone make sure to tune in and see how Michael J. Fox has changed, after over a decade away from the small screen. Fans of the hit series Breaking Bad will also recognize his wife, played by Betsy Brandt, from her role as Marie Schrader.


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