Mexico Flooding: Ingrid Upgraded to Hurricane


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Either side of Mexico’s coast is being battered by weeks of bad weather causing landslides, flooding, bridge collapses and multiple deaths. Tropical Storm Ingrid threatens even more damage as it forms about 60 miles off the coast and as of the latest from the National Hurricane Center, the Mexican government has changed Ingrid alerts to a hurricane watch. Forecasts put Ingrid making landfall on Sunday or Monday.


Rainfall from Ingrid is expected to reach up to 15 inches over much of eastern Mexico, and up to 25 inches in some locations, specifically the mountains. The authorities warn of further mudslides and flash flooding. Hurricane force winds will likely affect land starting Sunday.

Parts of southern Veracruz, an eastern state in Mexico, are under the highest alert possible: orange. No less than three major rivers in the state are flooding or close to overflowing their banks and hundreds have evacuated at-risk areas according to officials.

On Monday, 13 people were killed when a landslide buried them in their homes due to heavy rains influenced by Tropical Depression Fernand.

Tropical storm Manuel is looming on the opposite side of Mexico, with anticipation of nearing the southwestern coast by late Saturday or early Sunday. Rainfall forecasts are up to 15 inches of rain over the states of Oaxaca and Guerrero, prompting more flash flooding and mudslides.


Earlier tropical events Humberto and Gabrielle weakened over the last day, resulting in no threat to land.

[Image via National Hurricane Center and CIA World Factbook official website.]