Mel B Allegedly Obsessed With Sex


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Former Spice Girl Mel B is allegedly obsessed with sex and the obsession has caused problems between her and her friends.

A source close to the singer told that the obsession began when Mel B started dating Stephen Belafonte, who is now her husband.

While it’s good for a married couple to have a healthy sex life, Mel B and Stephen allegedly can’t get enough of each other and have sex anytime they have some free time.

They also talk about it all the time and bring it up in the midst of other conversations.

They even ask other couples about their sex lives as well.

"It can be uncomfortable to be around. Mel is just as up-front as her crude stereotype suggests. She seems to constantly talk about her sex life and ask you about yours. Some people just can't handle being around her. Her and Victoria Beckham do not get along at all," a source said.

Mel B and Victoria go way back to the days when they were both Spice Girls, so it’s unfortunate that they are no longer speaking to each other.

The Spice Girls was a popular girl band in the 90s, but in spite of their success, they fell apart after only a few years.

While there were numerous rumors about what caused the group to split, Mel B claims that it was Geri Halliwell who caused them to fall apart.

"When Geri left the group, it was bad. She left on my birthday, and didn't tell anybody... Just didn't show up," she said.

"We had the rest of the ['Spiceworld'] tour. The American part of the tour...We had a five-year plan that got shortened after three years."

Hopefully Mel B can get over her obsession and get her friends back.