Media Molecule Says Tearaway Only Possible On PS Vita


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With all the next gen excitement over the next two weeks, it's easy to forget a number of excellent games will be hitting other platforms as well. Nintendo has Super Mario 3D World and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds on November 22, and Sony is releasing Tearaway for the PS Vita on the same day.

In a new trailer for Tearaway released today, the team at Media Molecule touch upon developing for the PS Vita and why Tearaway is such a perfect match for the handheld.

While many will be playing either the PS4 or Xbox One come November 22, Vita owners will be enjoying what may be the most charming game of the year. After all, what other game will teach players how to make papercraft models?

Tearaway launches on November 22 exclusively for the PS Vita.

[Image: PlayStation/YouTube]