Matthew McConaughey Stuns In First Look At "Dallas Buyers Club"

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Matthew McConaughey underwent a scary transformation for his role in the upcoming film "The Dallas Buyers Club", and the first trailers are hitting the web this week with a look at just how much he changed his body.

The film is based on a true story; McConaughey plays Ron Woodruff, who was diagnosed in the early days of the disease and was a huge proponent of the only FDA-approved drug to be used as treatment. Woodruff reportedly helped other AIDS patients get access to the drug, and even smuggled it and other treatments into the U.S. after doctors told him he only had a month to live.

The actor, who has made it his business to be in incredible shape, says the experience of stepping into the role was a huge one and took a toll on him in several ways.

"I just kinda dared myself," McConaughey, who lost 30 pounds, said. "I haven't been this light since I was in the ninth grade. I'm kind of looking at it as sort of a cleanse, it's a bit of a spiritual cleanse, mental cleanse."

Also starring in the film is Jared Leto, who plays an HIV-positive transsexual; Leto underwent quite a transformation, as well, shedding several pounds and getting in touch with a side of him we never see. The actor appeared in a photo shoot for Candy--a transversal style magazine--and was styled by Terry Richardson. You can see more photos of the transformation here.

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