Matthew Fox to Enter Alcohol Treatment Program to Avoid Jail Time

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Matthew Fox, the star of FOX's hit show "Lost" and director Rob Cohen's upcoming suspense/thriller "Alex Cross", has agreed to partake in an alcohol treatment program to avoid jail time for his DUI arrest back in May. According to reports, Fox was allegedly under the influence of alcohol when he decided to embark on a late-night adventure to acquire some food. Once he was pulled over, police determined that the actor was in no shape to be behind the wheel. Fox was arrested at the scene, though he was released the same day.

Last week, Fox, 45, pleaded no contest to the charges, which also include driving without a license. People claims that, should the actor successfully complete a court diversion program, he will avoid jail time for the incident. The plea was entered by Fox's attorney in Bend, Oregon, the area where the actor was apprehended.

"He has to go to an evaluator for alcohol [abuse] and complete any recommended treatment program," Deputy District Attorney Cliff Lu explained. He also added that the charges against Fox are "certain to be dismissed" as long as he cooperates with the court's wishes.

Fans of the actor are painfully aware of his dark side. In 2011, Fox was arrested for allegedly punching a female bus driver in the face and stomach, an incident which concluded with the actor getting clocked by the woman he felt the overwhelming urge to assault. Just recently, "Lost" co-star Dominic Monaghan posted to Twitter that Fox has been known to beat women. Not just once, he claims, but several times. When a fan told Monaghan that Fox could sue him for defamation, the actor replied, "It’s very difficult to sue someone for speaking the truth."

"Alex Cross", which features Fox as an insanely ripped serial killer, opens in North American theaters on October 26, 2012.