Mary J. Blige's Father Critical After Stabbing


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Singer Mary J. Blige's father was stabbed by his ex-girlfriend, Cheryl White, on Thursday and as of Friday night was still in critical condition. Reports say that 63-year-old Thomas Blige was stabbed in the neck during a domestic dispute with his ex. Blige had accused his ex of slashing his tires, which is what caused the dispute.

Police found Blige in the apartment, covered in blood. He had been stabbed at least three times and one of the stab wounds was in his neck. Blige and his ex have had several heated arguments in the past, but none as violent as this one.

The police had responded to over 7 other domestic disputes between the couple. White has been arrested and charged with domestic violence on at least one other occasion and was put on probation for 6 months.

White was arrested shortly after the incident, and a judge set her bail for $500,000. Her attorney has said that White plans to claim self defense.

Blige himself has been accused by his daughter of beating her mother on several occasions.

Mary J. Blige said, "He left us when I was 4, but he'd come back from time to time and abuse her some more."

Mary J. Blige's song lyrics seem to talk about how upsetting her childhood and seems to blame her father for the most of it.

Do you think Blige's father was the victim or was Cheryl White simply defending herself?

Image via Wikimedia Commons.