Marvel Skin Pack For Minecraft Out Now


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Activision's Marvel games have vanished from digital storefronts as the publisher's license with the comic book company has expired. What's a Marvel fan who wants to play as their favorite heroes to do then? Well, there's always the odd used physical copy hanging around in stores, or you could just play Minecraft as Iron Man. They're both about the same thing, right?

In mid-December, Microsoft and Marvel announced that a Marvel skin pack would be coming to Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition. This skin pack would allow players to dress up their players as members of The Avengers and other well-known Marvel heroes from both the comics and films.

Well, now the skin pack has been released, and Microsoft has a new trailer out that shows what a Minecraft populated with blocky Marvel characters would look like. Spoiler: It's the same Minecraft as before, but now you can pretend to be Loki as you build a fortress out of obsidian.

You can grab the Marvel skin pack for Minecraft now for $2.99.

Image via MS Launchworks/YouTube