Martha Stewart Shops For A 3D Printer At CES


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3D printers were out in full force at CES this year as companies from all around the world hoped to prove their worth to attendees and the media. Little did these companies expect that they would have to prove themselves to Martha Stewart, but it does make for some entertaining videos.

TechCrunch teamed up with Martha Stewart at CES to help her find the perfect 3D printer for her office. Her position of authority on lifestyle, home decorum and cooking means that her choice could actually be pretty influential for the millions of people that follow her advice. It could also help give 3D printing companies a lot of mainstream exposure beyond what they usually get.

While there were a lot of 3D printers on show at CES, Stewart focused on two companies - MakerBot and Formlabs. Both companies are darlings of the 3D printing scene for entirely different reasons. MakerBot helped to start the open-source 3D printer revolution and is now one of the largest manufacturers of affordable, professional-grade 3D printers, like the Replicator and Replicator 2X. Formlabs, on the other hand, proved that stereolithography was affordable with the most successful 3D printer Kickstarter ever.

Here's Stewart's visit to MakerBot where she talks with CEO Bre Pettis:

She then visits Formlabs to check out the Form 1:

On a final note, here's why Stewart is looking for a 3D printer:

Image via TechCrunch/YouTube