Marshawn Lynch Knocks 'Em Down, and Gets Taken Down


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Now, everyone knows Seattle Seahawks' running back, Marshawn Lynch has a reputation. However, it's not a bad one, but a very laudable one that's brought him a lot of recognition over the years. NFL enthusiasts don't refer to the man by his self-proclaimed nickname "Beast Mode" for nothing. He backs up his talk.

Known for his impeccable ground game, Lynch never has any qualms about running through the middle like a battering ram, knocking down everything and everyone in sight. No matter how big, Lynch has proven time and time again that he's 'built Ford tough,' and today was definitely no exception.

With a little over five minutes left in the first quarter, Lynch lived up to his reputation executing an impressive 43-yard trek down the field. However, it wasn't just your average run. Bombarded at their own goal-line, Lynch deftly hammered straight through the middle, FanSided reported. He dipped to the right side of the field, dodging defenders left and right, knocking them all down one by one.  Then, just when you thought he'd step out of bounds, Lynch showcased his ability maintain his balance, still driving forward until he was finally brought down at about the 46 yard line.

After such an impressive run, it seemed as though it would be a full "Beast Mode" day in Texas where Lynch would go nearly untouched throughout the game, right? Not exactly. The second quarter definitely birthed an ironic surprise - the battering ram got battered.

During the second quarter, the three-time Pro-Bowl running back got a slight taste of his own medicine thanks to Houston Texans' inside linebacker, Brian Cushing. The barbaric gesture was definitely unexpected by Lynch, but what would you really expect from such a guy like Cushing?

Standing 6-foot-3, weighing in at approximately 249lbs, Cushing delivered a blow that not only took Lynch aback knocking him into the back-field, but caused him to fumble the ball as well. The unprecedented blow was definitely a rarity for the star running back.

Though the hit was definitely one of the high points of the game, it still didn't stop the Seahawks from clenching a victory. They went on to win the game 23-20. Lynch finished the game with an accumulation of 98 yards with 17 carries. The Seahawks remain undefeated with a 4-0 record this season, ranking 1st in the NFC Western Division.


Image via Twitter | Marshawn Lynch