Marriage Counseling for Bey and Jay-Z?

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Jay-Z and Beyonce recently made the news due to their concert screens flashing pics of Justin Bieber's mugshot. But that bit of falderal may be small potatoes compared to the latest celeb news about the star couple. Even with Jay-Z and Beyonce touring together, the rumor mill is still grinding on about the state of their marriage.

Now the latest dope is that the pair are engaging the services of a marriage counseling professional to try to save their marriage. And the pro they are using is the same one who helped Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin. So they've got that going for them. In fact, Paltrow herself introduced the couple to her counselor.

And why might marriage counseling be the path the couple needs? Rumors have long abounded about Jay-Z's penchant for fooling around. Regardless of any basis to those, that is what is being floated as the reason for the marital disharmony.

Perhaps it is simpler than all that. Maybe it's just tough for a celebrity couple to do what any couple would need to do to keep a marriage strong. There are unique challenges, such a paparazzi and raving fans, that most people don't have to deal with. Sure, they have money and can insulate themselves to a certain degree. But it can be easy to see that rich celebs may have challenges that most people don't even stop to think about.

Marriage counseling is not just about saving a "failing" marriage. It can be about giving a marriage a "tune-up" to help during stressful time, such as after a new addition to the family, loss or gain of a job, and even when things are suddenly going well money-wise.

Counsellor Donna White says that there are lots of reasons for couples to seek counseling, including, "When the partners do not know how to resolve their differences." That can be a situation where a couple knows what is going on, and wants to fix it, but don't know how to approach fixing it.

Rumors about trouble for Beyonce and Jay-Z have gone on for a while now. Maybe the best thing to do is leave them alone and let them work.

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