Mark Zuckerberg's Dog Beast Goes Sheep Herding

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Mark Zuckerberg really loves his dog Beast, a Hungarian Sheepdog that he and his girlfriend wife Priscilla Chan got early last year. That is clear from the copious amount of photos available of Zuckerberg cuddling the pooch as well as the fact that they gave Beast his own Facebook page last March.

Beast currently has over 584,000 likes on Facebook and his Timeline takes us on a journey through refrigerator raids, toilet paper destruction, birthdays, and baths.

And now, we can add sheep herding to that list.

Earlier this morning, Beast posted a new photo album with the caption "Dad took me to herd sheep for the very first time!" Check out some of the photos from his experience below:

Last year, Beast's dad (Zuck) decided that he was going to spend the year as a usual vegetarian who only eats meat that he kills himself. Shortly after that proclamation on sustainability, Zuckerberg posted on Facebook that he had just killed a pig and a goat.

It's nice to see that he's getting Beast involved in all of this.

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