Mark Sanchez's Buttfumble is Now a Silent Film


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For your entertainment, the great minds behind TFF Films have created a short silent film immortalizing New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez’s infamous Buttfumble. The video stems from a game against the New England Patriots on Thanksgiving when Sanchez bashed into right guard Brandon Moore’s butt. Sanchez then fumbled the ball and Patriot Steve Gregory scored a touchdown, only adding to the embarrassment of the moment.

The Patriots went on to pummel the Jets 49-19.

The 30-second film, titled “An Unfortunate End,” was posted by its creator on a Something Awful forum and popped up on Deadspin Monday morning to the delight of both football and old-timey parody film fans alike.

The video had been viewed on YouTube nearly 20,000 by early Monday night.

“I guess [I was] more stunned than anything,” Sanchez told The Associated Press after the Buttfumble incident. “Just like a car accident. I was like, ‘Whoa. What just happened?’ Then, the ball’s gone. It was weird.”

Now the weirdness lives on a little longer.

Oddly, this is not the first video that has surfaced involving Sanchez and a tight end. On June 26 USA Today posted a video showing Sanchez shaking his nude backside with a few pals in Napa Valley. The video has since been removed.