Mark-Paul Gosselaar Steps Into Zack Morris's Shoes

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Mark-Paul Gosselaar has had a successful career as an adult; after playing teen heartthrob Zack Morris for six of his formative years, it would have been easy for him to go the way many child stars before him have gone; down a path paved with drugs and regret or one leading to a "normal" life outside of Hollywood. Instead, he went on to do both film and television, and now he's got a successful show--"Franklin and Bash"--with fellow former child actor Breckin Meyer.

Gosselaar has long been one of the only "Saved By The Bell" alums to embrace the role that made him famous; most of the other stars of the show either don't like to talk about it for fear of the past holding them back or simply don't care to relive the glory days (Jimmy Fallon tried his hardest to get a reunion to happen; Gosselaar was the only one who was down). Recently, he sat down with "Speakeasy" host Paul F. Thompkins for a drink and a chat about what Zack Morris would be like in today's world. As a drinking game, it leaves something to be desired; I like my SBTB drunken fun to come with old episodes of the show and a count of how many times Zack talks directly to the camera. But this is fun, too.

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