Mark Cerny Answers Fan Questions, Discusses Knack


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It's no secret that I love Mark Cerny - the PS4 system architect and game design director on Knack. He has a voice that could soothe giants, and his knowledge of games and how they're made is vast. Every interview with the guy is a delight, and Sony has delivered yet again with a new video of Cerny answering questions from fans.

As you would expect, a majority of the questions are in regards to the PS4 hardware or Knack. He reiterates that the PS4 was designed to be powerful, but easy to develop for. He also shared that the developers who offered the most criticisms about the PS3 were the most helpful when building the PS4.

As for Knack, he says that the game was designed to be like the platformers that defined the PSone and PS2, like Crash Bandicoot or Ratchet & Clank. Coincidentally, Cerny worked on both games so he has the experience necessary to recreate that experience on the PS4.

Despite most of the questions being hardware focused, he did answer some general questions. He revealed that his favorite genre is the JRPG, but he's also checking out some indie games on the PSN. He also shared that he's about three hours into The Last Of Us. I'm sure many of us hope he'll share his thoughts on the ending once he finishes it.

Mark Cerny's brainchild - Knack - will launch alongside the PS4 on November 15.

[Image: sonyplaystation/YouTube]