Mariah Carey: Nick Cannon Has Something To (NOT) Say


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For a man with nothing to say, America’s Got Talent host Nick Cannon has said an AWFUL lot recently.

One would think his elusive chanteuse and soon to be ex-wife Mariah Carey hadn’t slapped a big fat gag order across his mouth.

Nick Cannon took to Twitter on Wednesday and hashed out his feelings in an epic Twitter rant.

All with the intended purpose of demonstrating his ability to shut up about shutting up.

Probably not the best way to go about it, Mr. Cannon.

Nor it is a convincing action to take as the gag order came about after statements attributed to Cannon made their way to the public.

Yahoo’s The Insider claimed they landed an "exclusive" regarding their marriage crisis back in August.

A man named Chris Spencer appeared on the program as a "source" and said that he was aware of exclusive details about the situation. Spencer claimed that the 33-year-old television personality informed him that he and the 44-year-old Carey were experiencing a “rough patch”. Cannon also allegedly told Spencer that the two were “living separately”.

While the source denied that infidelity was the cause, many in the media continue to float cheating rumors.

The report on The Insider report and gossip articles are no doubt what drove him to have a meltdown on Twitter.

However if people are struggling to believe Cannon, it’s likely because he has a lengthy history of over-sharing about private matters.

Cannon's alleged statements to members of the press has, according to E! only served to royally piss-off Carey.

Some claim that Cannon's talkativeness is one of the major reasons why Carey chose to leave him. The revelation back in March that he had slept with Kim Kardashian and other starlets was said to be the final straw.

If there are any positives to take away from the situation, it's that both he and Carey seem to be united in wanting the best for their two young children.

It is nice that Cannon continues to sing the praises of the mother of his children to the press, but one can’t help but wonder if the glowing praise is all wanting to get back with Carey.

There could also be the fear of God put into the man by Carey’s legal team. Just a thought.

Anyway, here is the full rant courtesy of Cannon. Enjoy!