Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon: Are They Over Each Other?


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Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are reportedly headed straight for divorce.

But, now that the two have officially separated, the aftermath is reportedly worse than ever.

According to Hollywood Life, the Elusive Chanteuse singer isn't handling their split very well. An insider close to the 45-year-old singer shared a few details about her emotional state as a result of their marital problems.

For those who missed it, Nick allegedly cheated on his wife several times. Needless to say, she's reportedly humiliated about her husband's alleged infidelity.

“Family and close friends are worried about her,” a source revealed. “She’s a loose cannon and feels humiliated. She’s too caught up with what others think of her. And she does have a past of self-destructive behavior. She needs professional help and tons of support right now.”

Another insider spoke with OK! Magazine about Mariah's alleged crying spells. “She’s falling apart and totally on edge,” the source said. “She feels like a failure.”

However, her alleged depression hasn't put a hold on her career. Regardless of her emotional state, she's still pressing forward with her upcoming Elusive Chanteuse world tour.

Nick, however, is reportedly a different story. On Sunday, September 7, the 33-year-old rapper-actor was actually spotted partying in New York City at the Ainsworth. An eyewitness gave a brief account of Nick's night at the party.

“He was partying and having a great time,” the eyewitness revealed. “He didn’t look like someone who was reeling from a break up. But he stuck with water, he turned down shots and alcohol each time it was offered to him.”

Although he reportedly enjoyed the night in NYC, another source also spoke with OK! Magazine about his sentiments of the pending divorce. His partying is reportedly just a façade to mask how he really feels about their split.

“Nick doesn’t like to talk about it,” a source told Ok!. “But it’s really affecting him. He always looks drained and tired and he’s getting thin in the face. His life is crumbling, and it’s hard to watch.”

Only time will tell if all of the divorce rumors are true.