Mariah Carey: Did She Lip-Sync (Again)?

Amanda CrumLife

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Mariah Carey is facing some criticism after her performance at the BET Awards on Sunday night seemed a little too perfect.

The "Beautiful" singer was accused of lip-syncing during her performance at the "American Idol" finale last month--which she denied--and now some think she used a backing track for her vocals at the awards show, when she sang with Miguel and rapper Young Jeezy. Of course, getting a helping hand during a big, televised event isn't uncommon, but fans feel cheated when news comes out that a great performance wasn't actually live (remember the Beyonce/inauguration debacle?).

Carey hasn't addressed the latest rumors, but her husband Nick Cannon spoke about her performance before the awards show, saying that everything she does is done to perfection.

"My wife is a perfectionist and clearly because she's done it right all her life. So she actually puts a lot of work into these performances," Cannon told E! News. "There's no management helping make decisions. Everything you see is all her, whether it's a collaboration when the lights hit, how she enters, she's doing all of that."

Amanda Crum
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