Maria Shriver Removed from Arnold Schwarzenegger Portrait

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Maria Shriver has apparently been removed from a portrait of former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The small image of the former first lady appeared on a lapel pin worn by Schwarzenegger in the portrait, but since the couple have been going through a divorce initially wrought with scandal, it seems the former 'governator' has had the image painted over.

Arnold Schwarzenegger reportedly cheated on Maria Shriver with the family's long time housekeeper, Mildred Baena. Not only did he cheat on Shriver, he also fathered a child with Baena. In fact, Baena and Maria Shriver were at one point pregnant at the same time--both with Arnold Schwarzenegger's sons.

It was just this past week that Arnold Schwarzenegger was the featured star at the unveiling of this portrait in Sacramento. It was then that it became quite apparent to all who knew what the portrait entailed when first worked on, that Maria Shriver was removed from the final work.

The Washington Post reports that former Schwarzenegger aide Clay Russell confirmed in an e-mail on Friday that the portrait had once included a small image of Shriver on a lapel pin Schwarzenegger wore.

The artist worked on the portrait sometime during the then-governor’s first term in office and prior to the couple's separation. When the portrait was unveiled Monday, it no longer had the small image of Shriver, although it was unclear exactly when it had been painted over.

Maria Shriver is, of course, part of the Kennedy political family. She filed for divorce from Arnold Schwarzenegger back in 2011 and returned to her career in broadcast journalism, via which she frequently makes appearances on NBC.

It's unlikely that Maria Shriver is either aware of or concerned about having been removed from Arnold Schwarzenegger's lapel. Even though she handled his cheating scandal graciously, she likely is relieved to be free of his unfaithful ways.

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