Maria Sharapova Blows Off Waiter's 'Selfie' Request

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Maria Sharapova may be pretty, but her nerves may be getting the better of her.

In Australia for next week's Australian Open, the world's number three tennis pro coldly rebuffed a waiter's request to take a selfie with him at a Melbourne cafe.

Four-time grand slam winner Sharapova admits she is not a patient person and is likely just nervous before the season's first grand slam. She has struggled with her right shoulder and has been resting it for the past four months.

She told reporters that this flair up has not been as difficult as in 2008 when her shoulder injury required surgery, but that her patience has been tested none-the-less.

"It was not as hard (to cope with) as the one I had a few years back," she said. "That was pretty tough, considering I had surgery. This is far from being that serious. This was a matter of time, which in tennis it's not great when you come to a doctor's office and they say, 'time, time, just wait, wait'.

"We don't have much patience because we always have a schedule set, tournaments to play.That's tough to accept because you don't quite know when the inflammation is going to go down, when you're going to be able to play overhead shots, things like that."

The 26-year-old Russian beauty has realistic expectations for this year's open.

"You obviously have to lower your expectations a little bit and be a bit realistic about maybe the first few matches," she said.

"You have to grind, work through them, hope to get better as the tournament goes on."

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