Margot Robbie Rumored To Play Batman Villain

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Margot Robbie turned a lot of heads with her role in The Wolf Of Wall Street last year; as Leonardo DiCaprio's love interest, the blonde bombshell stole every scene she was in. Now, rumors are flying about that she's signed on to star in the upcoming Suicide Squad as villainous Harley Quinn.

Director David Ayer has called the film "The Dirty Dozen with supervillains", and fans of Batman: The Animated Series--where Harley first made an appearance--are mostly excited about the announcement. However, news that Jared Leto is being courted for the role of the Joker has been met with mixed reactions.

The Collider says that according to sources, Robbie has already accepted the role and the film is due out in 2016. It's not clear how far into Quinn's background the film will go, but according to the site's Matt Goldberg, it will be necessary to tie her character into the Joker's for the story.

"She’s another one of the Joker’s sick jokes since she was a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum (her real name is “Harleen Quinzel”) who tried analyzing the Joker, and he psychologically manipulated her into being infatuated with him," Goldberg writes. "The best Harley Quinn stories have managed to balance both the tragedy of her situation with the character’s lighthearted nature."

Amanda Crum

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