Marcia Wallace: The Simpsons Intro Pays Tribute


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Marcia Wallace, one of the star voices on The Simpsons for several years, passed away last weekend. It was announced shortly after her death that there would be a tribute to her during the show's next episode.

Wallace played the beloved Mrs. Krabappel on the show, Bart Simpson's teacher for several seasons.

For those fans of the show that have not been avidly watching as they used to, there was an emotional tribute that was given to the late star during the chalkboard gag of the introduction to the show.

All fans of The Simpsons know about the famous intro where we see Bart writing on the chalkboard after school what he will not do again. Well, in this case, Bart simply wrote "We'll really miss you Mrs. K."

Bart was famous for teasing his teacher played by Marcia Wallace on The Simpsons, but she was one of the special characters on the show, and will always be remembered for her outrageous laugh. She died on Friday, October 25, at the age of 70, leaving her beloved Simpsons family, and many celebrities showed their support over twitter after hearing of her passing as well.

In addition to Bart's note to his teacher at the beginning of the episode, a touching farewell was given to Marcia Wallace at the close of The Simpsons'latest episode, featuring a message that read "In Loving Memory of Marcia Wallace," a message that got even more personal toward the late actress. The image also showed her at her desk, giving her signature laugh, in an episode that was titled "Four Regrettings and A Funeral."


The network had originally planned to air the classic episode "Bart The Lover," which earned Wallace an Emmy nomination, but instead aired an episode from 2011 when she started dating Ned Flanders. Despite the title of the episode, there has not yet been a funeral for Mrs. Krabappel, and it was in fact for someone named Chip Davis.

Marcia Wallace's character on The Simpsons will officially be retired from the show, but it has not been revealed how her character's officially exit will be done yet.

Image via Yotuube