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Foxconn Abandons $19.5 Billion India Semiconductor Plant
Foxconn is pulling out of a joint venture with Indian company Vedanta to establish a new semiconductor plant in India....
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Ontario Poised to Get the World’s Largest Nuclear Power Plant
The Ontario government is embracing nuclear power as a form of clean energy, paving the way for Bruce Power to build the world's largest plant....
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Ford Receives a $9.2 Billion Conditional Loan to Build EV Battery Plants
The US government is going all-in in its efforts to catch up with China in the EV space, loaning Ford $9.2 billion to build three EV battery plants....
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SkyDrive and Suzuki Plan to Build Flying Cars By 2024
Electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) startup SkyDrive has announced an agreement with Suzuki to begin making eVTOLs by early 2024....
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Intel to Spend $25 Billion to Build Factory In Israel
Intel is continuing its expansion plans, spending $25 billion to build a new factory in Israel, marking the company's biggest investment in the countr...
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Late to the Party, Toyota Comes Roaring Into the BEV Market
Toyota has announced a significant battery electric vehicle initiative, one that should help it make up for lost time....
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Apple, Intel Among Companies in Talks to Be ‘Anchor Investors’ in Arm IPO
Apple, Intel, and eight other companies are in talks to be an "anchor investor" in Arm Holdings' upcoming IPO....
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Cybersecurity Issues: The World’s Largest Data Breaches
Learn more about what's new in the cybersecurity threat world - examine the world's largest data breaches below....
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Intel’s Turnaround, and Pat Gelsinger’s Legacy, Is In Jeopardy
Intel's turnaround is not exactly going as planned, jeopardizing its future and CEO Pat Gelsinger's legacy as the architect of the company's plan....
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Apple Signs Multi-Billion Dollar Deal with Broadcom for 5G Components
Apple and Broadcom have inked a multi-year, multi-billion dollar deal to manufacture 5G radios in the US for the iPhone maker....
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Report: Apple Working On Next-Gen Display Tech to Reduce Reliance on Samsung
Apple appears eager to reduce its reliance on rival Samsung, developing its next-gen micro-LED display tech....
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DOJ’s Disruptive Technology Strike Force Announces New Cases
The Department of Justice's Disruptive Technology Strike Force announced five new cases aimed at tech espionage by hostile nation-states....
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AWS Plans to Invest $12.7 Billion in India By 2030
AWS plans to invest $12.7 billion in India, a major escalation and apparent reversal by the biggest cloud provider....
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Foxconn Investing $500 Million in India Manufacturing Plants
Foxconn is continuing to diversify its manufacturing footprint with plans to invest $500 million building plants in India's Telangana region....
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Intel Confirms Another Round of Layoffs
Intel has confirmed another round of layoffs, one that will impact its consumer CPU and data center divisions....
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Arm Is Developing a Showcase Chip to Attract Business
Arm is reportedly working on its own chip to showcase what its designs are capable of in the hopes of attracting more business....
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TSMC Calls US Semiconductor Terms ‘Unacceptable’
TSMC is pushing back on some of the terms in the US Chips Act, calling them "unacceptable" and vowing to continue discussions....
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Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple Is Abandoning Solid-State iPhone Buttons
Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says the company is abandoning its plan to introduce solid-state buttons on the iPhone 15....
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Michigan-Based Niowave Preps $20 Million Expansion in Lansing
Niowave, the medical isotope maker, is eyeing a $20 million expansion in the Lansing, Michigan area, one that will bring additional jobs with it....
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Intel Makes a Play for Arm Manufacturing
Intel Foundry Services is making a play for Arm business, collaborating with the UK chip firm to manufacture the chips it designs....
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